Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I know they say that girls are more difficult than boys. I just didn't realize that the difficulties started before they were even born. There are so many decisions to make that seem like they are so much harder than they were with the boys!

Of course I had made things super easy with Keegan by already having his name picked out in elementary school lol. Then there was the fact I love frogs & had been collecting frog things already in advance for whenever we FINALLY got pregnant & my happening to see the frog bedding set at Babies R Us & just knowing it was the one!

With Kaden, I'm honestly not sure why I chose monkeys. Perhaps because the day we found out he was in fact a he maybe that was the only animal at the place I liked to put the recording of his heart beat in. Apparently monkeys were popular that year too because Babies R Us had several bedding sets with monkeys & I found the perfect one. His name also just fell into place almost immediately. We didn't decide 100% on it right away but it was the 1st name I think that came out of my mouth, even though I was only joking at the time. It went onto the name list & kept hovering at the top.

This time around things just seem so hard to decide on. We kind of figured we'd go with another K name but now we're not sure. Heck one of these blog posts from last year talk about the name "Kiara" and how Keegan kept going on about wanting to name his sister that (though his 1st name suggestions this time were "Puss-in-Boots" and "Baby Minion"). I am working on a list of names that start with a K that I do like but I'm just not sure if I'm "in love" with any of them yet. Even names that I used to think were good candidates.

We've talked about skipping the K thing completely but neither of us really have any ideas for other names. As with the boys I prefer to try to skip the more common names is possible & since names hold so much meaning for me I'd prefer to pick one that actually has a good meaning.

Then again we've talked about not even deciding on a name until she's born. That perhaps we won't actually give her a name until we get to see her. This idea is something I have never considered before & I almost can't believe that I'm even thinking about it. It's also blowing the minds of our family members it seems lol. We've been asked recently if we've decided on her name yet or what her name is going to be & they seem a bit shocked by the answer that we don't know & when/if we do decide we might not tell anyone because it might not be final til she's actually born lol.

Bedding is another issue! If you know me then you know that I am not a Pink person. I am all about the PURPLE! A friend posting that she was selling a bedding set led me to looking at bedding sets available from Babies R Us & I was very disappointed. I remember seeing a gorgeous purple set there when I was pregnant with one of the boys. So I did some poking around on Amazon & I found it!

Isn't it gorgeous? This has kind of been falling in place since then. I looked at some other purple sets on Amazon but this is definitely my favorite. It also just so happens that a friend of mine that also makes jewelry recently made a "purse jewelry" piece that happens to match in color & have a butterfly on it! I don't carry a purse but I figured it'd work on a diaper bag. I had to finally make a decision this weekend & we actually traded jewelry items haha.

The thing that got me thinking about all this is actually the fact that Jon went straight to Costco last night after work & I think one of the first things he must have seen was a bunch of 3 piece sets for babies. He sent me a picture of a set that was in purples & pinks. It was a plush rabbit with a rabbit security blanket (aka Wooby) & fleece blanket. It got me thinking "Oh my gosh! I have to pick an animal for her!" Since he was there I did some quick searching on Amazon, Etsy, Babies R Us & Land of Nod. Thanks to Amazon once again I think I've got it!

Babies R Us also appears to have this one as well so I can check it out in person too which is helpful.

So I "think" the bedding/animal theme has been solved. The problem now will be figuring out her name. Plus of course hoping she doesn't get too much disgusting pink clothing etc lol. I'll have to do my best to make sure everyone knows how much I dislike pink lol. I've already said the only way pink is acceptable is if it's an accent color. Preferably purple & pink or black & pink and I really prefer hot pink with the black instead of a pale pink. Mom did by her first girl item this weekend though & it's lavender & light pink. That's ok though cause I really like it!

Sooo now to working on the name list....

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