Friday, April 27, 2012

Allergies & Children's Claratin

When I was younger I never had problems with allergies but as I got older I started to notice allergy symptoms during peak seasonal allergy times. They say that living here in California's Central Valley that even if you don't have allergies you'll eventually get them.

Having allergies is no fun. My brother had such horrible allergies ever since he was little that it sounded like he was blowing a horn all the time from how much he was blowing his nose. I was hoping that my kids wouldn't have allergy problems. Unfortunately Keegan wasn't very old when we started to think he probably had allergies.

We were so thankful when his doctor said we could start giving him Children's Claratin. It really seems to help him & during the peak allergy seasons when his nose starts running & he starts to sneeze up a storm he gets his daily dose of Claratin every morning.

Now Keegan is kind of strange in that he's always seemed to enjoy taking medicine but he really does love the Children's Claratin. He takes the syrup & it comes in a nice grape flavor.

Unfortunately it seems like little Piglet has allergies too so I can't wait for him to get old enough to start taking Claratin.

Something I thought was pretty interesting was a few weeks ago Keegan got a cold & when we spoke to his pediatrician's office about what sort of things to give to him one of the 1st things they recommended was to give him Children's Claratin because it's one of the few over the counter medicines that is safe to give children ages 2 & up. They said it should help with some of his symptoms.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to join a BzzCampaign for Children's Claratin & get a free sample in the mail. I jumped at the opportunity because it really is something that we have used regularly for over a year & with peak allergy season coming up I can always use more of the Children's Claratin.

Right now there are also a lot of coupons for both Children's & Adult Claratin on so you should go check it out. It's also been on sale a fair bit at the various stores & when you have a coupon & it's on sale that's the best deal! I've scored a fair bit of Claratin for both Keegan & myself in the last few months at some pretty good prices this way.

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