Thursday, April 26, 2012


I just wanted to jot this down real quick to share.

11 years ago today I met someone that changed my life. I never would have thought that the balding older guy with giant glasses that made him look like some sort of scary giant dork, would be the man of my dreams.

He was an incredible friend & one of the funniest guys I had ever met. I can't really say when we went from being friends to officially being a couple but it didn't take long before I was head over heels for him. I think his family & friends actually realized it before I did. I remember later him telling me that at his niece's birthday party in August a family friend told him & his parents that I was smitten with him.

Neither one of our families was too accepting of the two of us at first but eventually everyone realized that we were the perfect match. The biggest issue everyone had was obviously our age difference. I actually remember my great grandpa saying one time, "I'm not sure if they're father & daughter or husband & wife, but they're a perfect match". For people who knew my great grandpa, that was a really, really big compliment haha.

He's still my best friend, the love of my life & the father of my adorable little boys. I love him more & more every day and I'm so thankful that we met 11yrs ago.

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